Graphics & Videos

Some 3D rendered graphics and animations.

3D color codes

I wrote a short review with Barbara Terhal and Christophe Vuillot on realising universal gates sets in fault-tolerant quantum computation. As part of that Christophe made a nice video explaining the geometry of the 3D color codes.

[Credit: simulation and video by Christophe Vuillot]

Cellular Automata decoders

In two papers, we proposed cellular automata decoders that remove errors from the toric code. The following video shows the asynchronous CA decoder described in

[Credit: simulation and video by Michael Herold]

The background colour shows the value of the phi field. This field is an auxiliary system that evolves according to a simple update rule and guides the motion of “anyons” to pair them up with their nearest neighbor. The white dots show the anyons (end points of error strings) and the black dots show where measurements indicate an anyon is present. Ideally, black and white dots coincide, but we allow for noisy measurements and so sometimes we think an anyon is present when it isn’t (and vice-versa).

Magic states

In relation to my research on magic states, here is some media

This animation shows the stabiliser octahedron in the Bloch sphere picture. The yellow arrow shows the magical “T-direction” and the animation presents a 120degree rotation about this axis. The rotation is a symmetry of the octahedron and so belongs to the Clifford group.