I am currently working for Riverlane as a Tech Lead: Head of Architecture, and am on a leave of absence from my other job as a senior lecturer at the University of Sheffield. Below is some information on my group at Sheffield.

Sheffield research group

ETC mark_howard
Earl Campbell
Senior Lecturer (currently on leave)
Yingkai Ouyang
Former Postdoc (currently a postdoc National University of Singapore)
joshka armanda
Joshka Roffe
Former Postdoc (currently a postdoc at the free university of Berlin)
Joshka’s tweets
Armanda Quintavalle
PhD Student



lukeh james
Luke Heyfron
Graduated PhD Student
Luke’s webpage

James Seddon
Graduated PhD student UCL (currently working a for a quantum startup Phasecraft)


Past members
Mark Howard: currently a Royal Society University Research Fellow in Gallway, Ireland.

Other quantum people at Sheffield

My group is part of Sheffield’s Quantum Center and the LDSD group. Within LDSD there several other theorists and we informally call ourselves the quantum theory group. Below is a photo of a “Quantum theory walk” (May 2019, near Castleton in the Peak district):



About me

earl_greenhouse I’m a theoretical physicist based at the University of Sheffield and Head of Architecture at River Lane research. My research is on quantum computation and trying to design the simplest possible device for experimentalists to then build. Here is my CV.



EPSRC awarded me an early career fellowship for my research project Towards fault-tolerant quantum computing with minimal resources. I was also the coordinator for the European QCDA network.

2022- Head of Architecture
Riverlane, Cambridge.
2020-2022 Senior research scientist
Amazon Web Services, Cambridge.
2019-2020 Senior research scientist (part time)
River Lane research, Cambridge.
2015- EPSRC Early Career Research Fellow & Senior Lecturer (on leave since 2019)
Dept. Physics & Astronomy, University of Sheffield.
2014-2015 Postdoctoral Research Associate
Pieter Kok’s group @ University of Sheffield.
2011-2014 Postdoctoral Research Associate
Jens Eisert’s group @ Free University Berlin
2010-2011 Postdoctoral Research Associate
Jens Eisert’s group @ Potsdam University
2008-2010 Royal Commission of 1851 Research Fellow
University College London
2005-2008 PhD Student
Simon Benjamin’s group @ Oxford University
2001-2005 Physics & Philosophy Masters Degree Student
Bristol University