LDPC conference

LDPC codes probably don’t sound very exciting, but they are! They are essentially the quantum codes that are easy to implement. By “easy to implement” I mean that the required measurements only involve a limited number of qubits. In contrast, other approaches (e.g. concatenated codes) involve measurements with complexity that increases with computations size. The LDPC classification naturally includes all topological codes where these measurements are also constrained to a small local region of some lattice. Topological codes really have revolutionized quantum computing and essentially every proposal for quantum computing now involves some use of topological codes to protect against noise.

In the summer there was a conference on LDPC codes that I was unfortunately unable to attend. However, all the talks were recorded and can be found at:
I’ve haven’t watched all of them yet, but am well past the half way mark. I really can’t recommend these talks enough as every one is a gem and the recording quality is fantastic.

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