Not long until QIP

Next week the annual edition of QIP is hosted by Microsoft in Seattle. QIP is always really exciting, full of great talks, lots of familiar and new faces. Though I’m especially looking forward to it this year. For me it is the first QIP hosted by a multinational technology company. I just googled and it seems IBM hosted QIP back in 2002, but that was way back in my undergrad day. Also, my first time to Seattle, home of Grunge music, one of my teenage obsessions.

The last few days I have been working on my slides for QIP where I will be a talking about work with Mark Howard on Unifying gate-synthesis and magic state distillation. We were doubly lucky this year as Mark will also be talking about our joint work on a resource theory of magic states.

For anyone who wants a short summary of these papers, I thought it would be nice to post our QIP extended abstracts here, which were written with more of a QIP audience (rather than APS journal audience) in mind. Enjoy.



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