QEC ’19 call for submissions.

Hi folks,

Here is a message from Dan about QEC ’19. It is coming to the UK!!! Very excited and pleased to be helping out with chairing the programme.


Dear colleagues,

I’m pleased to announce that the 5th International Conference on Quantum Error Correction (QEC’19) is now open for the submission of contributed talks and posters.

QEC ’19 will be taking place at Senate House, London between 29th July and 2nd August 2019. It aims to bring together experts from academia and industry to discuss theoretical, experimental and technological research towards robust quantum computation. Topics will include control, error correction and fault tolerance, and their interface with physics, computer science and technology research.

Please see our web-page for further information about the conference, including the list of invited speakers, and information on how to submit your one-page abstract: http://qec19.iopconfs.org/

The deadline for submissions is April 1st.

The scope of QEC is broad. Here is a non-exhaustive list of topics covered by the conference: Theoretical and experimental research in: Quantum error correcting codes; error correction and decoders; architecture and design of fault tolerant quantum computers; error mitigation in NISQ computations, error mitigation in quantum annealing; reliable quantum control, dynamical decoupling; Error quantification, tomography and benchmarking; Quantum repeaters; Active or self-correcting quantum memory. Applications of quantum error correction in Physics, CS and other disciplines; Classical error correction relevant to the QEC community; Compilers for fault tolerant gate sets; Error correction and mitigation in other Quantum Technologies (sensing / cryptography / etc.); QEC-inspired quantum computing theory.

If you have a query about whether your contribution might be in scope, please contact me directly.

Key dates

Abstract submission deadline: 1 April 2019
Registration opens: TBC (late February)
Early registration deadline: 10 June 2019
Registration deadline: 15 July 2019

A conference poster is available at the following link:

I would be grateful if you would print this poster and display it in a place where interested participants may see it.

I look forward to your submission to QEC’19 and to seeing you in London in the summer.


Dan Browne – Conference Chair

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